Alex Jones is an adventurer as much as a photographer. In his jet set life as a photographer over the past 14 years. He’s taken a selfie reflected in the eyes of a polar bear. He’s faced the harsh cold of North East China in January to find Siberian tigers. Nonetheless, for Jones, it’s all been worth it; “I want to take pictures that stop people in their tracks.” But that’s not all, with insatiable energy, Jones has set his sights high, saying “My goal is to take four good pictures a year.” The mission is simple: to create beautiful and meaningful images of wild animals that anybody can afford to own. Alex hopes his images will highlight the plight of amazing animals around the globe. Having witnessed first-hand the dangers posed to threatened and endangered animals by habitat loss and poaching. Browse prints HERE. Read about some of the beautiful animals that Alex has photographed in the wild, and the human threats that have brought some of them to the brink of extinction on the blog.