Alex Jones - the founder of The Wildlife Studio - is a famous wildlife photographer. In his longer than a decade pursuit, Alex with his enormous patience has captured the unequalled wildlife activities spanning a solitary leopard, a 200 lbs furious tiger, a black jaguar, a cheetah, a panther, a deep glancing deer, a gymnastic lover red squirrel, mum and babe giraffes, a gorilla, a baby elephant and a beautiful flamingo flock.

He’s experienced the bone-freezing cold of North East China in the month of January to find Siberian tigers. The stunning click of Alex of his own reflection in the eyes of a cute polar bear would drive anyone to appreciate his breathtaking efforts. “Four heart-stopping clicks a year that can hold the world for a second is my target”, Alex says.

Alex has brought these far-from-the-human-life moments to your finger tips in the form of The Wildlife Studio Store at an extremely affordable price. The Wildlife Studio portfolio comprises wild-life colourful canvas prints, photo prints, fine-art animal prints, wildlife posters and many more. Also, 12 limited edition glass framed wildlife photos, inspired from “The Pop Art Movement”, are available as aluminium or archival pigment prints.

Having witnessed first-hand the threats posed to endangered animals by habitat loss and poaching, Alex whole-heartedly hopes that his images will bring the plight of innocent jungle animals to people’s concern. Browse prints HERE.

Read about some of the exquisite wild animals that Alex has photographed and the human threats that have pulled some of them to the brink of extinction in The Wildlife Studio blog. Also in the blog, find some of his popular images and eight essential rules for being a successful photographer.

The Wildlife Studio proactively encourages the wildlife conservation initiatives through donating 10% of its sales revenue, and therefore, delighted to receive contact information of support seekers.