Wildlife Photo Print Gorilla “Munchies” by Alex Jones

Gorilla “Munchies” print by alex jones
Wildlife Photo Print Gorilla “Munchies” by Alex Jones


Gorilla – “Munchies”

“I’ve got the munchies! This hungry Gorilla is ready for dinner, captured mid-flow by wildlife photographer, Alex Jones. Did you know they rarely drink water “because they consume succulent vegetation that is comprised of almost half water as well as morning dew”. Well, you learn something new every day.”

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If you had to eat sticks all day with half your front teeth missing, you'd probably pull this expression, too!

You might be wondering why a herbivorous gorilla needs big sharp teeth just for eating plants. Gorillas have massive appetites and can chew their way through vast quantities of shoots and stems. They need large teeth to rip the bark from the foliage before munching the sweet treats within.

This incredible gorilla eating image was taken in Rwanda by wildlife photographer, Alex Jones.

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